One challenge for a 700 MHz shared network is extending coverage to rural areas

Hypres Delivers Two Digital-RFTM Receiver Systems To U.S. Office of Naval Research For Test and Evaluation Applications
August 19, 2008
A report from the WiMAX World Conference, Exhibition and 4G Exectuive Summit.
October 6, 2008
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By Art Earl, Hypres, Mission Critical Communications – Sept. 08, 2008

Much has been and will be written about the FCC’s 700 MHz auction and the proposed D-Block commercial/public safety shared network. The network is an ambitious and truly exciting goal that will benefit the nation in ways not yet envisioned, even by the proponents. The goal of a nationwide dual-use commercial/public safety mobile broadband system faces impressive challenges, none harder than extending coverage to the nation’s rural areas.

… Digital baseband performance is available today to meet the needs of the all digital base station. A number of companies, including Hypres, are making great strides in developing the missing ingredient of programmable wideband digital RF components. For example, the digital RF architecture developed by Hypres would improve the link budget 2 – 3 dB over conventional RF solutions. This improvement can have a significant impact on the cost of deploying the network by reducing the number of site installations by up to one third. The programmable architecture would allow a service provider to meet the demanding requirements for the D-Block in the most cost effective manner.

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