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One challenge for a 700 MHz shared network is extending coverage to rural areas
September 8, 2008
Hypres Demonstrates Digital-RF™ Distribution and Routing, a New Milestone in Software Radio Technology
November 17, 2008
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by David Vye, Microwave Journal – Oct. 6, 2008

… Hypres – On Wednesday we met with Richard Hitt, President & CEO of Hypres along with Dr. Steve Gray, Sr. VP and General Manager of their Commercial Division. While Hypres was not an exhibitor, Hitt and Gray were at the show to meet the press and other technologists while attending several talks. Their New York-based company is known for working with superconducting microelectronics and has had some impressive government contracts and development projects of late. They have applied their superconducting technology toward Digital-RF (TM) receiver systems which recently (press release – 08/19/09) resulted in two systems being delivered to Office of Naval Research (ONR).

… The company is now aggressively commercializing this unique technology by targeting a multi-channel WiMAX base station with all digital signal processing up to the final power amplifier as a first project. Definitely looking ahead into the future, both make the case that the RF and economics of 4G are fundamentally different than previous generations and that multi-carrier OFDM is the tipping point where, due to macro-cell complexity, scaling the current hardware approach is prohibitively expensive.

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