Superconducting electronics for metrology and biomedical applications

HYPRES is the leader in developing superconductor electronics for a variety of metrology and biomedical applications. The company is known worldwide for its signature product, the Primary Voltage Standard (PVS) calibration system, produced in partnership with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

The company is also:

  • Producing a new, rugged, mobile PVS system designed to U.S. Army specifications for use worldwide. The mobile PVS is designed to increase accessibility to crucial calibration for mission-critical systems.
  • Developing the world’s first powerful, high-resolution and compact mobile digital MRI system for military and civilian use. The system is designed to be easily transported by the military and other agencies into combat and disaster areas, and operated in harsh environments that prevent the use of conventional MRls.
  • Developing a retrofit module for MRI systems using its superconductor digital circuits to provide higher resolutions and faster scan times than currently possible with traditional MRI electronics. The Department of Health and Human Services awarded the company an SBIR grant for this purpose.
  • Active in developing SQUID magnetometers for biomedical imaging, as well as nuclear and high-energy physics applications.