Packaging Electronics in Cryogenics

HYPRES is the recognized leader in superconductor electronics technology and features the most accomplished team of experts in the world.

For more than two decades, HYPRES has been in the forefront of developing innovative electronics packaging solutions for cryogenic environments. The company has successfully integrated electronic components in very low-temperature refrigerated systems dating back to its development of the industry-first Picosecond Signal Processor in the late 1980s.

HYPRES has developed specialized electronic packaging expertise in Low-Temperature Systems (LTS) to facilitate digital superconductor electronics. The lab pioneered and features several one-of-a-kind test capabilities developed exclusively for testing high-frequency circuits and components in a cryogenic environment.

The “electronics packaging” team operates from a dedicated, specially equipped laboratory that supports development from 3D CAD drawings to fabrication and testing in a wide variety of cryogenic environments, including very low temperatures where thermal properties and electrical conductivities change dramatically. The team has access to a variety of specialized and custom equipment for low-temperature testing, including a wide range of turbo pumps, leak detectors, low-pressure measurement devices, calibrated thermometers and temperature control systems, test cryostats and cryocoolers.

HYPRES is known worldwide for its design and manufacturing capabilities and innovative and proprietary packaging for digital superconducting chips (pictured above integrated onto a unique four-stage 4K Pulse Tube cryocooler) and its multi-line High Temperature System (HTS), still very cold, leads that can be integrated into cryocoolers from virtually any manufacturer.

60GHz feedthrough
Vacuum feedthrough 60 Ghz, strip lines

• 60 GHz 20-pin vacuum feedthroughs (pictured)

• Low Heat Leak 10+ Gbps, 10-line output cable for 4K to 300K interconnects, such as digital output transmission

Multi-pin LHe probe

• Inserted in a liquid helium dewar, the multi-pin probe allows quick testing of 5mm and 1cm chips at up to 30 GHz clock speed.

(Components referenced below can be developed into custom products)
Multiline HTS leads

These Multiline HTS (High Temperature Superconductor) leads can be installed between two different temperature stages of a cryocooler as DC current leads. They allow extremely low heat leak compared to traditional leads.

Patented modification on COTS cryocooler

HYPRES developed an add-on module (patent pending) to accelerate the cool down of very low temperature cryocoolers. Implemented on a Sumitomo RDK-101DP cryocooler, it allows rapid thermal cycling between 15Kelvin and the operating temperature of superconducting devices (typically 4.2K).

Complete cryocooled test bed for superconducting chips

The test bed allows complete testing of superconducting chips at liquid helium temperatures, without the challenges of handling cryogens. It includes a cryocooler equipped with a HYPRES “cryo module”, a temperature control system, a current source and amplifiers. It can be customized according to specific needs (i.e. vacuum pump, number of amplifiers, cryogenic Low Noise Amplifiers).

Cryo module for ICs

Designed to be thermalized on the low-temperature stage of a cryocooler, this module (3D CAD pictured) allows for the testing of superconducting chips at HF frequencies (up to 20 GHz clock speed).

SQIF magnetometer

HYPRES-developed SQIF sensors, used at liquid Helium temperature, accurately measure the absolute magnetic field.