Telecommunication Breakthroughs-Hypres Inc

Military and aerospace companies ensure electronic systems with test and measurement tools
August 8, 2008
Hypres Delivers Two Digital-RFTM Receiver Systems To U.S. Office of Naval Research For Test and Evaluation Applications
August 19, 2008
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Cold Facts – August 08, 2008

… Recently, CSA contacted Dr. Elie Track, Hypres Inc. Senior Partner, and Dr. Steve D. Gray, Senior Vice President and GM, Commercial Operations to discuss Hypres’ recent telecommunication breakthroughs. Hypres is a leading developer of superconducting microelectronics technology, and has made some major advances in satellite communications with technology that employs a one-centimeter chip made with hypercooled niobium. Dr. Track and Dr. Gray shed some light into Hypres’ current involvement in wireless communications, as well as plans to configure their technology to meet the needs of commercial applications.

… Hypres is continuing to advance the technology through a variety of defense and commercial contracts. Dr. Gray believes these innovations will change the way such information is currently processed.

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