Superconductor Logic Goes Low-Power

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July 1, 2011
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July 6, 2011
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IEEE Spectrum
Date: July 2011

(excerpt)… Others are betting that improvements to RSFQ logic could produce similar gains in energy efficiency. At Hypres, in Elmsford, N.Y., Oleg Mukhanov and his colleagues have found they could eliminate a huge power loss by simply replacing bias resistors with sets of inductors and Josephson junctions. The team published its approach in June in IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity. Hypres does not have circuits that can be directly compared to Northrop Grumman’s, but the company anticipates that its design will rival RQL in power efficiency. Mukhanov says he expects the new RSFQ design will also be easier to scale up to more complex circuits than the RQL scheme, which requires tighter timing tolerances.