New All-Digital RF Technology Simplifies the Radio Environment

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April 14, 2009
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August 1, 2009
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By Joan Zimmermann, Defense Tech Briefs – July 2009

The concept of a software or “cognitive” radio has been knocking around for about 20 years, and has progressed to the point where open source software code is available. A cognitive radio is “smart” in the sense that it is continuously aware of changes in RF spectrum and can decide which frequency and power choices are best at a particular time. The problem has not been the concept or the radio’s baseband processing, but rather, the RF front-end technology. … Hypres of Elmsford, NY, is developing a superconductor-based, all-digital RF transceiver that can help pave the way to intelligent radio design. Marketed under its Digital-RF TM product line, Hypres is developing a line of reprogrammable all-digital receivers and transmitters through a variety of government and commercial contracts. The Digital-RF TM product line includes versions for satellite and tactical communications, signals intelligence, electronic warfare, and RADAR.

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