IARPA Launches Program to Develop a Superconducting Computer

JJ and Digital Superconductor Technology Featured in EE Journal Article; Superconductor Week Also Provides Coverage
November 18, 2013
HYPRES to Develop Cryogenic Memory Solution for IARPA Superconducting Computers Program
July 30, 2015
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Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), recently announced that it has embarked on a multi-year research effort to develop a superconducting computer. Technology developed under the Cryogenic Computer Complexity (C3) program is anticipated to pave the way to a new generation of superconducting supercomputers that are far more energy efficient. The goal of the C3 program is to establish superconducting computing as a long-term solution to the power cooling problem and a successor to end of roadmap CMOS for high performance computing. Read the announcement from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence: http://www.iarpa.gov/images/files/programs/c3/C3_press_release.pdf

Also read more coverage on the C3 program and work related to nTron (nanocryotron) – including insights on nTron, Josephson junctions and memory from Oleg Mukhanov, PhD, chief technology officer of HYPRES—at: http://nextbigfuture.com/2014/12/iarpa-funding-scaling-of.html

Additional coverage on the C3 program: