HYPRES Increases Speed of World’s Fastest Commercially-Available Superconductor Integrated Circuits

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July 30, 2015
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Company unveils a new commercial fabrication process for superconducting ICs with an increased critical current density of 10 kA/cm2—addressing the need to increase speed in high-end computing and Digital RF systems

Elmsford, New York (August 04, 2015)—HYPRES, Inc., the Digital Superconductor Company, announces that it now offers integrated circuit (IC) foundry services with the increased critical current density of 10 kA/cm2 with a minimum junction size of 0.7 micrometer in diameter. This increase translates to faster switching speeds and higher clock rates of the ICs. These new capabilities enhance HYPRES’ ability to efficiently meet the demanding performance requirements of next generation supercomputing systems, Digital RF systems, and advanced superconductor instruments.

The increase in current density is made possible by HYPRES’ advanced photolithography tool. The new process is also coherent with the company’s recent development of its patent pending six-layer planarized chip fabrication process, RIPPLE (Rapid Integrated Planarized Process for Layer Extension). HYPRES will continue to make available superconductor ICs that feature 4.5 kA/cm2, 100 A/cm2, 30 A/cm2 and a variety of other customizable parameters and legacy processes.

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“Our initiative to increase the critical current density was based on the insights and feedback we had been receiving from some of our commercial and government customers,” said Oleg Mukhanov, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer at HYPRES. “We’ve strengthened our position in addressing the needs of customers developing high performance applications, including exascale-and-beyond computing.”

For convenience of customers, HYPRES now also offers a library of shunted and un-shunted Josephson junctions with a dual critical current option. It allows customers to order fabrication of their designs in both 4.5 and 10 kA/cm2 processes without the need to redesign their layouts.

“We’ll continue to offer our long-time customers the exact specifications they have traditionally requested for their ICs over the years,” stated Daniel Yohannes, Ph.D., Director of Fabrication at HYPRES. “Critical current density, along with other requested IC parameters, will not significantly impact pricing, as HYPRES’ foundry services remain consistent and competitive with the commercial market.”

For more information on process design rules, RIPPLE, fabrication process options including multi-chip module fabrication, IC parameters, tapeout schedules or to order chips, please visit http://www.hypres.com/foundry or email sales@hypres.com

HYPRES is well-known as the premier commercial foundry for digital superconducting IC R&D and production. It features a complete fabrication facility with a full complement of thin-film nanofabrication capabilities, including planarized multi layers, photolithography, and cryogenic device testing. The company also provides on-site foundry services to startup tenants and others developing new nanofabrication processes.  The foundry features proven, high yield production with minimal startup costs and fast turnaround times, highly flexible and diverse set of processing options, and customized services that provide training and assistance for tenants.