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Digital-RFTM Live Demos, Numerous Contracts, And Key Executive Additions Highlight Outstanding Year For Hypres
February 28, 2008
Mobile Broadband for Roaming Troops: Pipe Dream or Reality?
June 1, 2008
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MilsatMagazine, March 2008

Hypres is a leading developer of superconductor microelectronics technology and the Digital-RF product line. The company is currently developing an All Digital Receiver for satellite communications. During a recent conversation with Richard, he talked with SatMagazine about the company’s live satellite demonstration, the All Digital Receiver family of prototypes, and where Hypres is targeting its efforts.
SatNews: Richard, for readers who may not be familiar with Hypres and its technology, can you provide a brief summary of what the company does?

Richard: Hypres is the leading developer of superconductivity microelectronics. We are fabricating niobium-based circuits that, when residing in near absolute zero temperatures via a COTS cryocooler, exhibit no electrical resistance. Thanks to this superconductivity property, our circuits are able to greatly enhance the performance of components, devices and entire electronic systems.

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