June 1, 2008

Mobile Broadband for Roaming Troops: Pipe Dream or Reality?

By Sandra I. Erwin, National Defense – June 2008 In the world of high-tech military communications, troops fighting on the front lines are known as […]
March 1, 2008

Executive Spotlight On Richard Hitt

MilsatMagazine, March 2008 Hypres is a leading developer of superconductor microelectronics technology and the Digital-RF product line. The company is currently developing an All Digital […]
February 1, 2008

Europe begins to move on framework for SDR communications transparency

By Rupert Pengelly, Jane’s International Defence Review – Feb 2008 … One of the novelties of the Italian SDR will be the incorporation of an […]
January 1, 2008

Cryogenic Chip Enhances Satcom System Performance

A niobium-based chip in a COTS cryocooler that functions as a high-speed ADC holds great promise for improved microwave communications system performance. By Jack Browne, Microwave […]
December 1, 2007

News briefs: Cryo-cooled Radio from Selex/Hypres

Armada International – Dec 2007/Jan 2008 Selex Communications is reportedly in the process of developing a software-defined radio that will feature a cryo-cooled, digital superconductivity […]