Digital Amplifier Module

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Cryogenic Analog RF Module
November 15, 2017
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The wideband, high gain digital amplifier module is a low noise, modular device requiring only +/-5 V supplies. It is optimized for the amplification of low-level digital data. Input signals with a Full-Scale Range (FSR) of 3 mV are amplified to X750 mV, a level suitable for RSFQ logic to TTL or ECL decision-circuit comparators.
  • True DC coupled precision amplification to 2.5 GHz
  • Fixed high gain: 48 dB
  • Input and output matched to 50 Ω
  • Low noise figure: 1.7 dB
  • Excellent flatness with positive gain slope equalization
  • Excellent phase linearity for pulse work
  • Total power consumption: 750 mW maximum
  • Interface from Rapid Single Flux Quantum (RSFQ) logic to TTL and ECL systems
  • Fiber optic detector amplification
  • Low-level signal instrumentation
  • Multi-channel gain and phase matched for a variety of applications
Accessories Available

power supply, optional battery power, multi-amplifier assembly for bus applications, DC bias supply for laboratory applications, field-replaceable connectors with a standard SMA flange

  • 2.43″ x 0.56″ x 0.34″
  • Power Supplies: +/-5 V, +100 mA/-50 mA
  • Power Dissipation: 750 mW
  • RoHS compliant
Specifications/ Performance
Gain 48 dB
Noise 1.7 dB
Wideband DC to 2.5 GHz
Input Range 0.2 – 3 mVpp
Input Impedance 50 Ω
Output Range +/-750 mV
Output Impedance 50 Ω
Gain Accuracy +/-0.5 dB
Gain Flatness +3 dB
3 dB Bandwidth 2.5 GHz
1 dB Compression -1 dBm
Rise-time 140 pSec
Overload Recovery 1 μSec
Power Harness S1021-0800
Connectors 2x SMA