We are HYPRES.
The Digital Superconductor Company.

A complete superconductor electronics company offering design, development, fabrication, testing and packaging in a commercial production environment.

HYPRES develops and commercializes superconductor integrated circuits (ICs) and systems that provide unparalleled performance advantages for government and commercial applications. A flagship product is the Advanced Digital-RF Receiver (ADR), comprising superconducting digital and mixed-signal ICs packaged on a cryocooler. HYPRES also develops custom semiconductor ICs, high-performance analog RF circuits, superconductor digital logic and operates a complete commercial niobium-based superconducting IC foundry.

The company recently introduced the Integrated Cryoelectronics Test-bed (ICE-T), a turnkey laboratory test system requiring no liquid cryogen. It provides a complete cryogenic infrastructure for broadband electrical testing of standard and custom high-speed superconducting integrated circuits at 4 K and above. HYPRES also has expanded its role and efforts in quantum information processing with the launch of the company’s European-based wholly owned subsidiary Seeqc (pronounced “seek”). Headquartered in Rome, Italy, Seeqc will focus on developing superconducting technologies for a variety of applications, including scalable fault-tolerant quantum computing, quantum communications, quantum simulators and more.


HYPRES is a complete superconducting electronics company offering design development, fabrication, testing, and packaging in a commercial production environment. Click Here to go to our Product Directory.