Cryogenic Analog RF Module

Model CARM-02 Low-Noise Amplifier

HYPRES is proud to announce an Analog-RF Amplifier product. Using state-of-the-art low-noise amplifier and compact cryogenic cooler, the Cryogenic Analog RF Module (CARM-02) provides amplification with extremely low noise.carm1

Its compactness allows the module to be used directly after an antenna in place of a traditional LNA or LNB. Initially developed for Ka-Band, different frequency bands will soon be available. Customization of the mechanical interface, formfactor or additional filtering are also possible.


  • Extremely low-noise amplification
  • Light and compact
  • High gain
  • Ka-band
  • Turnkey operation
  • Various customization options available


  • Satellite communication
  • Line-of-sight datalinks
  • Signals intelligence
  • Electronic warfare
  • Radar
  • Channelizing receiver
  • Transient digitizer
  • Software radio
  • Spectrum monitoring

Configuration options

RF Band (select one from the list below; for multiple channel module, please contact HYPRES)

  • Ka-band (default)
  • X band
  • UHF
  • Custom

Form factor

Module for GBS antenna

Module for GBS antenna

  • Module for GBS antenna (default, as shown)
  • Benchtop
  • Custom


  • None (default)
  • Cold copper filter
  • High-temperature superconductor filter

Output interface

  • Electrical coaxial K connector (default)
  • Optical

Installation and warranty

  • Onsite installation and training
  • One-year standard warranty
  • Recommended maintenance: Every two year

General specifications

  • Dimensions: 10” x 5” x 4”
  • Weight: 2.7 kg ( < 6 lbs)
  • Frequency band: 20.2-21.2 GHz
  • Input: WR42 square flange
  • Output: Coaxial K connector
  • Operating temperature of the LNA : ~80K
  • Noise temperature: <50K
  • Gain: 25 dB
  • Startup time: none
  • Cool down time: ~ 1h
  • Peak power: <40W
  • Steady state power: ~25W