Chip next to PennyHYPRES is a complete superconducting electronics company offering design development, fabrication, testing, and packaging in a commercial production environment.

HYPRES’ design staff provides demonstrated expertise with proven designs. Examples of these include high performance analog-to-digital converters, shift registers, memory, SQUIDs and SQUID amplifiers, IR sensors, SIS mixers, and RSFQ logic gates.

Products from HYPRES include primary Josephson voltage standard chips and systems. The standard Volt worldwide is based on a superconducting Josephson junction array, and its realization at many International Standards Laboratories, including the Bureau International de Poids et Mesures (BIPM) in Paris, currently uses HYPRES superconducting 1-Volt and 10-Volt standard chips incorporating over 3,000 and 20,000 Josephson junctions respectively. HYPRES is the sole commercial supplier of both 1-Volt and 10-Volt voltage standard chips, made with our all refractory Niobium (Nb) technology. The circuits made with this process have demonstrated no signs of aging or deterioration when used for many years. The HYPRES all-Nb voltage standard chips were developed into a commercial product through close collaboration with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), which developed the original design of this device.

The HYPRES facility includes high speed test equipment, UNIX-based CAD tools, process equipment, 2 and 3 stage closed cycle refrigerators, and clean room space for wafer processing. HYPRES’ facility meets all environmental laws and regulations of Federal, State of New York, and local governments for airborne emissions, waterborne effluents, external radiation levels, outdoor noise, solid and bulk waste disposal practices, and handling and storage of toxic and hazardous materials.

HYPRES is still the only company in the world to have produced and marketed a digital superconducting electronics product to date: the PSP-750 and PSP-1000 digital sampling oscilloscopes. These units, with 70 GHz bandwidth, proved to be the world’s highest resolution time domain reflectometers (TDRs). The bandwidth of the sampling head on these scopes was limited by the connector technology, not the sampling circuit. The PSP product line (1987-1990) demonstrated the ability of HYPRES to produce, market, and service a complex digital instrument which utilized superconducting electronics components.

HYPRES is also the only company to have provided state-of-the-art SIS mixers to the radio astronomy community on a commercial basis. The Superconductor-Insulator-Superconductor (SIS) diode is the critical component of the most sensitive radio receivers in the world for frequencies from 65 to 1,000 GHz. HYPRES has provided SIS devices for SIS mixers since 1988. These mixers, developed jointly by the National Radio Astronomy Laboratory and HYPRES, have been sold to radio observatories in Australia, France, and the United States. HYPRES SIS diodes, purchased by University of California – Santa Barbara astronomers, have been to the South Pole where they were used to make extremely accurate measurements of the radiation which was produced by the explosion that started the universe. HYPRES’ SIS mixer customers for radio astronomy include: AT (Australia Telescope), Bell Labs, Bordeaux Observatory (France), CIT-OVRO, Haystack Obs, IRAM, NRAO 12-m Telescope, and UC-Santa Barbara.

HYPRES is currently developing unique products for wireless and optical communications. Leveraging the high performance of its circuits and the established need for higher bandwidth, higher dynamic range, and higher accuracy, HYPRES’ new products are intended to facilitate the rollout of higher bandwidth beyond-2G wireless and enhanced optical systems while significantly reducing the capital expenditures and new infrastructure that would otherwise be required. HYPRES’ unique technology is unrivaled in this domain and represents the foundation for the new products under development.