Quantum Information Processing

HYPRES delivers more variety and complexity of superconducting ICs than any other organization worldwide.

The company’s superconducting circuits provide significant performance benefits for a variety of advanced technologies and computing solutions.

Quantum Information Processing

Seeqc, a European-based subsidiary of HYPRES, is focused on the development of superconductor circuitry to resolve control issues in quantum processing systems. NOTICE: The Hypres commercial chip Foundry and the business unit Quantum Information Processing are now part of the independent company SeeQC. Contact company CEO Oleg Mukhanov, at omukhanov@seeqc.com. SeeQC also operates the former Hypres subsidiaries SeeQC-EU and SeeQC-IT. Watch this site for further SeeQC links/information as it becomes available. One immediate objective is the development of programmable cryogenic qubit controllers that include superconducting spintronic memory–a new brand of dense, very fast, and energy-efficient memory being developed at HYPRES. Building on the company's vast expertise in superconducting Josephson junction circuits, Seeqc will provide the performance and scalability needed for the rapidly increasing quantum information processing market. For more information, visit seeqc.eu

High-Performance Computing

HYPRES is at the center of next-generation, energy-efficient superconductor supercomputer and quantum computer development. Its physicists, engineers and world’s premier commercial chip foundry are supporting a number of federally-sponsored and commercially-funded innovative development initiatives. The company is making important contributions in superconductor logic and memory.

Energy Efficient Computing Systems

Energy-Efficient, Next-Generation Computing—With the fastest and most energy-efficient digital ICs available anywhere, HYPRES innovation is at the heart of tomorrow’s high energy-efficient computing systems. The company and its partners are currently developing:

  • Energy-efficient computing systems
  • Integrated energy-efficient processors and dense, fast superconductor spintronic memory
  • Ultra-low power circuits for qubit control and readout for quantum computing
  • Highest performance energy-efficient single flux quantum logic