The premier commercial foundry for superconducting ICs and custom fabrication

NOTICE: The Hypres commercial chip Foundry and the business unit Quantum Information Processing are now part of the independent company SeeQC. Contact company CEO Oleg Mukhanov, at SeeQC also operates the former Hypres subsidiaries SeeQC-EU and SeeQC-IT. Watch this site for further SeeQC links/information as it becomes available. For more than three decades, HYPRES has been delivering more variety and complexity of superconducting ICs than any other organization worldwide. Through its foundry and support services, the company offers design, development, simulation, layout, fabrication, high-speed testing and packaging in a world-class production environment.

The facility can produce virtually any digital superconductor chip for the U.S. commercial and government markets. The foundry supplies approximately 60 percent of the world’s supply.

The Team

The HYPRES team consists of the leading experts in circuit design, materials research, fabrication, characterization, packaging, cryogenics and process development for digital superconductor electronics.

  • Superconducting planarized multi-layer process with multi-project wafers. Available critical current densities: 30, 100, 4500, 10000 kA/cm2
  • Nanofabrication services to incubate custom processes from startup to pre-production stage
  • Custom fabrication wafer-level processes from single to multi-layer structures
  • Superconducting and non-superconducting multi-chip module processes
  • Niobium technology
  • Fast turnaround time-typically six weeks
  • High density circuits
  • Digital circuits with more than 12,000 Josephson junctions
  • Proven high volume production
  • Demonstrated yield and reliability
  • Use of HYPRES propriety simulation tools
  • Comprehensive Design Rules
  • Functional and DC Parametric Testing
  • CAD Support and Verification Services
  • High-Speed Testing
  • Mask Set Composition and Generation
  • Custom Fabrication runs that include: photolithog¬raphy, deposition, etching, dicing, wire bonding, flip-chip bonding