RF Circuits and Systems

HYPRES’ Advanced Digital-RF Receiver systems are being fielded for a number of US government customers for a variety of applications, including SIGINT, EW and SATCOM. They feature ultra-wideband, high dynamic range, multi-channel, multi-band operation using superconductor Analog-to-Digital Converter technology.

  • Advanced Digital-RF Receiver (ADR) – Government-tested (TRL 7) units with standard interfaces
  • Integrated Cryogenic Electronics Testbed (ICE-T) – Robust test platform for laboratories
  • Cryogenic Analog RF Module (CARM) – Small, antenna-mounted amplifier units for SATCOM and other RFapplications
  • Superconductor Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADCs) – Family of integrated circuits tailored for differentapplications (Cryogenic Detector Array Readout, Wideband Spectrum Capture)
  • Mixed-signal Application-specific Integrated circuits (ASICs) with ultrafast digital and high-quality analog circuits

Data Converters Oscillators and Clock Sources Digital Signal Processing Cores