RF Circuits and Systems

HYPRES is fielding All-Digital Receiver (ADR) systems for a number of US government customers, including electronic warfare and signals intelligence applications, where ADRs are addressing the most difficult national RF challenges. Marketed under the Digital-RF™ product line, these reconfigurable, all-digital systems are capable of ultra wideband to very precise multi-channel, multi-band operation and are based on the world’s highest performing analog-to-digital converters. HYPRES also offers an Integrated Cryogenic Electronics Test-bed (ICE-T), a robust, convenient test platform for cryogenic electronics

  • All-Digital Receivers—deployed in SIGINT, EW and SATCOM programs
  • Cryogenic Analog RF Module (CARM)—wideband SATCOM signal amplification with extremely low noise

Data Converters Oscillators and Clock Sources Digital Signal Processing Cores