Integrated Cryogenic Electronics Test-bed Lite (ICE-T Lite)

ICE-T and ICE-T Lite

ICE-T and ICE-T Lite

ICE-T Lite is designed for rapid and convenient testing of small form factor Interchangeable Devices-Under-Test (DUTs) at temperatures between 70K to 330K. It provides the entire cryocooled infrastructure required to test a wide variety of RF and Microwave DUTs. Modular in its design, ICE-T Lite can be reconfigured to accommodate any DUT.

Completely cryogen free, ICE-T Lite runs off a single standard 110V/15A power supply and uses less than 1kW of wall power.


  • ICE-T Lite is designed for cryogenic testing of Interchangeable Devices-Under-Test (DUTs).
  • Modular design of ICE-T Lite allows for maximum flexibility and convenience for experiments.
  • Interior of ICE-T Lite

    Interior of ICE-T Lite

    Turnkey operation with controlled variable temperature test capability from 330K to 70K.

  • Quick and convenient testing of DUTs at cryogenic temperature with flexible mounting capability.
  • User-defined Cryo-Vacuum Ports (4xKF50 and 2xCF275) for feedthroughs.
  • Heat Lift 7W at 77K.
  • Nonmagnetic internal construction (optional).


  • High-speed circuits for various applications.
  • Completes S-Parameter measurements.
  • Cryogenic Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) noise temperature measurements can be done with input loss <0.3dB @ 20 GHz.
  • Cryogenic superconductor and semiconductor devices.

Out-of-box functionality includes:

  • Cryocooler (MFBF >100,000 hours)
  • Vacuum pump
  • Temperature controller
  • Vacuum enclosure with cold plate
  • User-defined RF and DC feedthroughs and wiring

Vacuum port options (4xKF50 and 2xCF275 ports)

  • RF feedthroughs (e.g. 2.92mm 40 GHz connectors) or G3PO ports (67 GHz)
  • DC feedthrough (e.g. DB9, DB15)
  • Optical Window (Quartz, Silica, etc.)
  • Fiber-optic feedthrough (e.g. FC/PC/APC)
  • Motion feedthrough

_DCS1603General specifications

  • Rack dimensions: 22.5” wide, 33” deep, 36” high
  • Power: 110V, 60 Hz, single phase
  • Weight: 200 pounds
  • Cryogenic space/maximum DUT size: 6.5″ diameter, 3″ height

Installation and warranty

  • Onsite installation and training
  • 1-year warranty
  • Service contract recommended
  • Maintenance: every 20,000 hours