Digital-RF Receiver

Using state-of-the-art superconductor analog-to-digital converter (ADC) technology, the Digital-RF Receiver (model no. HYDR-01) can go directly from RF to digital. This modular cryocooled 19-inch rack-mounted system is completely free of liquid cryogen, capable of digitizing multi-GHz bandwidth with center frequency up to 21 GHz. The HYDR-01 is completely customizable and upgradable. In its basic configuration, HYDR-01 includes one user selected superconductor chip. HYDR-01 can be upgraded and reconfigured by purchasing additional chip modules. Additional cryogenic electronics, such as low-noise amplifier, analog filter, may be incorporated within HYDR-01.

Deep Gupta, PhD, Executive VP  at Hypres, with a  Digital-RF Receiver.

Deep Gupta, PhD, Executive VP at Hypres, with a Digital-RF Receiver.


  • Directly digitize RF (no analog down-conversion)
  • Ultra-wide bandwidth
  • Multi-band, multi-carrier operation
  • Compatible with any digital processor
  • Turnkey operation

  • Modular upgrades with new chips as they become available


  • Software Radio
  • Spectrum Monitoring
  • Satellite Communication
  • Wireless Communication
  • Electronic Warfare
  • Radar
  • Digital Dehopping
  • Channelizing Receiver

Configuration Options

1. Chip Module
(Select one or two, look at available chips to select clock frequency and I/O configuration)
A. Single-ADC BPΔΣ (fRF: 0.8 – 21 GHz)
B. Single-ADC LPΔ
C. Dual-ADC
D. Custom

P12000592. Crycooler
A. Sumitomo SRDK-101D, 0.1 W@4.2K
B. Sumitomo SRDK-1.5 W@4.2K

3. Interface Amplifiers
A. 17-channel amplifier unit (default)
B. Custom (Select up to four, must match chip configuration)

4. Current Source (Model CS-48-100)
(Select up to two current sources, must match chip requirements)

5. FPGA Output Interface Board
A. Xilinx Virtex-4/5/6
B. Custom

6. Optional Accessories
A. Cryoelectronics Module (T = 40-80 K, temperature controlled)
B. Rapid Deflux Apparatus
C. Low-profile (48” high, 22” wide)
D. External clock source (20 GHz, 40 GHz, 50 GHz)
E. Integrated monitor amplifier box with 4-channel digital oscilloscope
F. PC with touch screen monitor with configured GUI
G. Vacuum Pump

General Specifications

Size: 22” wide, 30” deep, 78” high
Power: 110V, 60 Hz, single-phase, 2 kW
Weight: 400 lbs
Operating Temperature: +5C° to +35°C

Installation and Warranty

On-site installation and training
1-year standard warranty
Recommended maintenance: Every 2 years