Press Releases

Cryogenic Microelectronics features prominently at world’s premier conference on cryogenic technology

HYPRES expands efforts in quantum computing with launch of European subsidiary SeeQC

Active conference schedule for HYPRES, latest stop GOMACTech

Hypres awarded potential $40 million IDIQ contract to develop cryogenic RF systems for the U.S. Navy

UMD Physicists, Teamed with HYPRES, Develop New Material that becomes Invisible to Microwave Radiation with Flip of a Switch

HYPRES Increases Speed of World’s Fastest Commercially-Available Superconductor Integrated Circuits

HYPRES to Develop Cryogenic Memory Solution for IARPA Superconducting Computers Program

HYPRES Announces Commercial Availability of New Chip Fabrication Process for Next Generation Superconducting Electronics Circuits

Gillibrand, Lowey Announce $146K Federal Grant for HYPRES to Significantly Improve the Performance of MRI Systems

HYPRES Spinoff, +n, Raises $600K to Attack the Global Spectrum Crisis