HYPRES’ Digital RF Receiver and Arithmetic Logic Unit Referenced in Tech Article

HYPRES’ digital superconductor technology is referenced in an article that highlights innovative technologies that defy the odds.

Microwaves & RF
Technologies That Defied The Odds
Jack Browne , Nov 2011

(excerpt)  … HYPRES, Inc. (Elmsford, NY), has made numerous advances in low-temperature superconducting components and systems, earning several contracts from the US Department of Defense (DoD). For example, HYPRES’ model HYDR-01 digital RF receiver is designed to operate at 4.2 K cooled by a commercial cryocooler. … Most recently, HYPRES demonstrated the world’s fastest arithmetic logic unit (ALU), a digital superconducting IC fabricated within the firm’s foundry capable of 8-b resolution at 20 GHz. …

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