Military A/D and D/A converters come to grips with a complex, network centric world

By John Keller, Military Electronics & Aerospace - August 2009

Analog to digital (A/D) converter and digital to analog (D/A) converter designers are struggling to keep pace with a military radio spectrum burdened with wireless PDA users, broadband Internet surfers, traditional radio communications — and an enemy that detonates roadside bombs with cell phones and garage door openers. … Enter modern analog to digital converters and digital to analog converters. These data conversion devices, designed and integrated by a handful of industry specialists, represent the crucial glue that links the analog world to the digital. Without them, much of today’s high-performance digital processors would be useless in RF and electro-optical applications like radar, software-defined radio, electronic warfare, missile guidance, high-end test and measurement equipment, and counter improvised explosive device (IED) systems. …Providers of analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) and digital-to-analog converters (DACs): … Hypres

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