Latest News:

HYPRES has unveiled a new commercial fabrication process for superconducting ICs with an increased critical current density of 10 kA/cm2 with a minimum junction size of 0.7 micrometer in diameter. The company continues to make available superconductor ICs that feature 4.5 kA/cm2, 100 A/cm2, 30 A/cm2 and a variety of other customizable parameters and legacy processes.  For convenience of customers, HYPRES now also offers a library of shunted and un-shunted Josephson junctions with a dual critical current option. It allows customers to order fabrication of their designs in both 4.5 and 10 kA/cm2 processes without the need to redesign their layouts.

Premier Commercial Foundry

HYPRES is a complete digital superconductor electronics company offering design, development, simulation, layout, fabrication, high-speed testing and packaging in a world-class production environment. The company has been engaged in the development and commercialization of digital superconducting electronics since 1983 and features the premier commercial foundry for these high performance, high sensitivity integrated circuits.


•    Niobium technology
•    Fast turnaround time-typically six weeks
•    High density circuits
•    Digital circuits with more than 12,000 Josephson junctions
•    Proven high volume production
•    Demonstrated yield and reliability
•    Use of HYPRES propriety simulation tools

Additional Foundry Services

  • Comprehensive Design Rules
  • Functional and DC Parametric Testing
  • CAD Support and Verification Services
  • High-Speed Testing
  • Mask Set Composition and Generation
  • Wafer Fabrication and Dicing
  • Thin Film Deposition and Etching

New 6-Layer Planaraized Chip Fabrication Process


  • Open and available for broad commercial use
  • Can be tailored to customer’s needs and specifications
  • Easily integrated with current device designs
  • Can accommodate special runs
  • A Reticle can be released with only two 5×5 mm chips at customer’s convenience
  • Implemented on Cannon 5X reduction stepper capable of supporting 250 nm resolution
  • One chemical mechanical polishing planarization step per layer, 20% faster per layer


  • Critical current density: 4.5, 20/10 (in development 60, 80, 90; and in  the future 150, 250) kA/cm2
  • Tunnel barrier material: AlOx, (in development AlNx; and in the future ferromagnets)
  • Superconducting material: Nb (and in the future NbNx, NbTiNx)
  • Number of superconducting layers: 4, 5, 6 (and in the future 8, 10, 12)
  • Resistor layer material and sheet resistance: Mo 1, 2.1 Ω/□, PdAu 2.1 Ω/□, MoNx 5.0 Ω/□
  • Interlayer dielectric: PECVD SiO2, SiNx

The Team

The HYPRES team consists of the leading experts in circuit design, materials research, fabrication, characterization, packaging, cryogenics and process development for digital superconductor electronics.

Recent Expansion

In 2010, the company completed a $2 million foundry expansion project that included the addition of advanced lithography equipment, supporting tools and systems, facilities enhancements, and an overall increase in the plant’s physical space.

The foundry expansion paves the way for increases in the level of integration, functionality and speed of its niobium-based integrated circuits and provides the company with new market opportunities, including mobile networking, metrology and cyber security. Chip fabrication is now well-suited for advanced computing, medical imaging and leading edge sensor applications for commercial, government and academia customers around the globe.